a different note of thanks

Today the Court of Appeal ruled in favour of Simon Singh, with respect to his now long-standing battle with the British Chiropractic Association (you can read the ruling here, and you know where to go on the t’interweb for lots of blogging and twittering about this).

I just wanted to write a public thank you note that is longer than 140 characters. The perseverance needed to battle this case for two years is not common-place. Simon didn’t have to fight this battle, but him doing so – at his own financial and personal expense – has resulted in great things for all of us. Not just the result today, but a Libel Reform campaign and a higher awareness of scientific issues in politics and in parliament can all be directly linked to Simon Singh’s courageous actions. It’s not over, but we wouldn’t be here if the man didn’t have some guts. So thanks Simon – we most definitely owe you one.