the road to somewhere better

I find myself with a quiet moment, with all my MacBook’s 4 cores purring away and a whole bunch of drafts submitted. This brings a sense of accomplishment that puts me in the right frame of mind to return to the issue of impostors syndrome.

First let me start by saying that I wasn’t expecting the response I got. The number of hits went through the roof and, through coincidence or not, a series of posts from fellow bloggers on the same issue rapidly followed, leading to a wider discussion of the subject than I’d ever anticipated. If I’m honest it scared me, and I stopped reading and replying to blog comments and posts. It seemed like everyone I knew was pulling me to the side, calling or emailing me, comforting me and sharing similar feelings to those I had shared online. There were good and bad things about it. The good is that I did feel comforted. The bad is that I felt truly exposed, and I simply wanted no more part of the public debate. In time that feeling subsided somewhat, and as I promised an update – here I am.

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