Well, well, well… when it rains, it pours – hi again. Do you know the interesting thing about only writing once every few years? It’s such a clear window to a younger me. A much younger me. Gosh. Do I recognise myself? Yes, definitely. Would I write those words today? No, not for the most part. Do I still believe I’m not a victim of gender bias? No. But I also wouldn’t go back and tell myself that. I needed that confidence. And I did, incidentally, have that baby in the meantime. And yes, things changed. More than that, I wanted things to change. Did it significantly affect my ability to do my job? Yes, it did. Would it affect yours? That’s anyone’s guess; but it’s definitely not my place to tell you either way.

Time is a funny thing. As is perception. I can’t wait to come back in a few years time.



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