a different note of thanks

Today the Court of Appeal ruled in favour of Simon Singh, with respect to his now long-standing battle with the British Chiropractic Association (you can read the ruling here, and you know where to go on the t’interweb for lots of blogging and twittering about this). I just wanted to write a public thank you […]

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i’m with Sam

Before I start let me say a few words of caution. Firstly, I’m not in any way qualified to critic anyone on philosophical arguments. This means that if you’re undecided about this matter I would not recommend you seek enlightenment in this post – for the same reason as to why I wouldn’t recommend you […]

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I generally have little time to indulge too much in learning things which are not work related. I spend a lot of time not working (well, just enough!), but I spend only a small fraction of that time intellectually engaged in new ideas. This is not necessarily something I’m sad about – note that I’m […]

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a note of thanks

My natural inclination has always been to see beauty in scientific explanation. A good friend once had the sense of giving me Feynman’s Rainbow at a time when I was feeling particularly down about science, and it worked a treat. It is absolutely true for me – a rainbow is always more beautiful because I know […]

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I’m angry

In a complete change of direction, this one goes out to a rant. The financial situation for Astronomy in the UK has been dire for a couple of years. The whole story is complicated, and probably only fully understood by a small number of people (I can’t help thinking this is partly where the problem […]

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